Monday, February 28, 2011


It's all about the organization in my house! Any tools that aid in keeping lists, making sure tasks are completed, and keeping papers off my counters are key! There is nothing worse than clutter! Even if your house is clean, it still looks unkept with loose papers and keys on the counter. Here are some inspirational photos! Put a cork board in a great spot and change the theme...get creative! Try recipes, fabric swatches for redecorating, lists for children, family reminders, a theme of the week idea, a menu board or whatever fits your life! I just added small dry erase board to the inside of one of my cabinets to jot down grocery lists. On a weekly basis I bring the erase board to my laptop and order peapod! Wha la...groceries to the front door the next day! Anything to make life easier and organized.

 Do you have recipes torn out that you've been waiting to try? Rip off the cover for some added interest! Hang them..they look super put together and so Martha!

A great way to organize mail and to do lists in a nontraditional way.

 A PB mudroom/entry way that helps keep the family organized.

I love this office space. Funny though because if you read this weekly calendar, it seems silly to have one. If only my calendar looked so leisurely!

The latest entryway cork board for my toddler who wakes up every morning and asks me, "what's today momma?". So I made a tool for organizing her activities and helping her learn the days of the week! I am also introducing the idea of chores and rewards! Saw the idea in a PB catalog and made it my own. I still need to buy a few more rulers to divide Friday/Sat/Sun.

A family menu chalkboard made for my kitchen and used for luncheons/dinner parties.

Just love this one!

Happy organizing! Spring is on it's way! What ideas do you use to keep your family organized?


  1. Love the weekly bulletin board and the white board grocery list!

  2. I love your organization board and the idea that it teaches structure, days of the week and using visual clues ! Georgeous

  3. I love this! I hate clutter- especially in the homes I am marketing. I have a white board in my home office that I use for upcoming listings/closings and a follow up chart. I am not so good at organizing my closets/clothes. :)Always love your blog!

  4. I love #7. Any idea where I might buy one??